Traits of Genius

24 Characteristics of Genius

Dr. Alfred A. Barrios, clinical psychologist (B.S. Caltech, Ph.D. UCLA), discovered that every genius possesses 24 personality characteristics in common. Furthermore, any person who practices these 24 traits can unlock the innate potential to excel on a genius level.

Dr. Barrios suggests that people have long mistakenly held on to the misconception that geniuses are born, not created, thus excluding most people from living up to their genius potential.  “[…] if you look at the lives of the world’s greatest geniuses – like Edison, Socrates, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Einstein — you discover that all had 24 personality characteristics in common. These are traits that anyone can develop.”

Originally published in a 1980 article for the National Enquirer titled, “24 Qualities That Geniuses Have In Common,” Barrios’ research is not the first time this concept of action-induced genius has appeared in popular culture. In the 1950s, Earl Nightingale, “The Dean of Personal Development”, late author and motivational speaker, presented the idea that people’s traits, attitudes and actions actually created their successes.

Taking the crux of those ideas, former CEO and Chairman of the Board for Pharmacyclics, Robert Duggan, has adopted Nightingale’s theory and Barrios’ research to create a modern day “Genius Course,” a self-directed program for the biotech company’s employees, which teaches the 24 traits methodologies.

In Robert Duggan’s lecture, addressing Pharmacyclics’ employees, he defines the correct etymology of the word genius — “innate, inborn, inherent” — and goes further to reaffirm genius’ inclusivity and prove erroneous the notion that a genius is someone who is set apart from the everyday person.


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To view Robert Duggan’s lecture at Pharmacyclics on the 24 Characteristics of Genius, please see the videos below: