Robert Duggan

Robert Duggan



Robert Duggan has had an exciting career with several very different chapters. Before entering the  pharmaceutical world, Bob Duggan started off his career with a company called Sunset Designs. As an investor behind Sunset Designs, Mr. Duggan produced children’s embroidery sets by the name of Jiffy Stichery.  The kits were the first of their kind.  What allowed them to stand out from other embroidery sets were the simple, well written instructions included with every set. Bob Duggan’s vision for Jiffy Stichery was to sell sets with great colors and aesthetics. Duggan was able to sell his Jiffy Stichery sets in over 7,000 retail stores.


Robert Duggan invested 50% of the venture capital, provided key strategic advice, and was an active member of the Board of Directors. Sunset Designs dominated the market with over 80% market share. The company was sold in the mid 1980s to Reckitt and Benckiser (LSE: RB) for $15 million, a nice return on the original $100,000 investment.

While investing in Sunset Designs, Bob Duggan began working on his next endeavor, Paradise Bakery. Beginning in 1976, Paradise Bakery became one of the leaders in bringing fresh baked cookies to the American market. This eventually led to McDonalds cookies, which one of Paradise Bakery’s founders went on to produce and supply. Bob Duggan inspired the concept, put the people together, put the money into it, and came up with the recipes and the idea of a fresh baked presentation. It is now something that can be accessed all over the world via McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Disney World. Paradise Bakery was sold to Chart House Inc. in 1987 and is now owned by Panera Bread.

Beginning in the mid 1980s, Robert Duggan was involved with a few technology companies. One company, Government Technology Services, provided the US Government Services Administration with its first access to micro-computer hardware and software.  Mr. Duggan invested several million dollars at a crucial moment of financial need. During his tenure on the Board of Directors, GTSI grew from $8 million in revenues to $600 million in revenues. Bob Duggan orchestrated their initial public offering and helped bring GTSI tremendous success.

Another success of Robert Duggan’s was his foray into the world of Ethernet node processors for VME buss workstations. Duggan initially raised $4 million for the company with a follow on offering of $2 million. The company achieved $25 million in revenues. As Chairman of the Board, Duggan played an active role in the marketing and sales strategy. The company held 80%  and was sold to Rockwell for $45 million in stock. Eventually Ethernet technology became the cornerstone of the Internet.

In the mid 1990s, Bob Duggan formed Metropolis Media to assist a few former communist countries to transition into capitalism. By marketing their products through outdoor media, ten thousand outdoor media billboards were established in key locations throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia. Mr. Duggan served as Chairman of the Board and invested 100% of the financial capital needs which totaled $3 million. Demian Duggan served as CEO and Trish Duggan served as an Administrative Assistant. This family run enterprise was eventually able to sell Metropolis Media to Capital Research for over $45 million. It is now owned by J.C. Decaux.

Robert Duggan served as Chairman of the Board from 1989 to 2003 of Computer Motion.

The purpose of this company was to introduce patient and physician friendly robotic surgery to the world of healthcare. Bob Duggan introduced the concept of “Patient and Physician Friendly”.  Mr. Duggan negotiated the merger with Intuitive Surgical on a 1/3 – 2/3 bases in June 2003 with Computer Motion receiving 1/3 interest. At the time of merger, Computer Motion was generating $25 million annually in revenues.

Most recently, Robert Duggan served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Pharmacyclics until 2015. For more information on Pharmacyclics, please visit their webpage: